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Sidbury Fair

Jill Gray at Sidbury Fair
Jill Gray at Sidbury Fair
The Arboretum supported Sidbury Fair with a stand selling trees.


Don’t give up on anything which looks bad just now, new shoots may emerge if we get a bit of rain before winter.  Though I do find myself cutting back to living wood.

Evergreen shrubs prefer to be moved/planted in damp autumn to get roots down before cold sets in.

Look out for hips and haws.   I am especially interested in hawthorns which come in a much wider range of leaf shape and fruit colour, than is often known, and are easy to grow.  There is a great one on Hillside covered with haws, not sure for how long as the birds will be busy.

PROPAGATION - good time to take hard wood cuttings, just after leaf fall.   Try pushing them in deep in a sheltered corner of the garden – then wait!


Sunday 7 October  SCIENCE FESTIVAL on The Ham  - family day

Saturday October 27th SOUTH WEST REGIONAL FORUM for TREE WARDENS to be held at the Council Chambers, Station Road, Knowle

Saturday November 24th TREE DRESSING at Parish Church

Friday November 30th CELEBRATION OF TREES at Kennaway House  open to all

2019 AGM   January 15th    venue tba

2019 TREE WEEK 20-25th May   Guided Walks and talks throughout the valley

Waitrose Green Buttons

Ed and Jon receive their cheque
Ed and Jon receive their cheque

Thank you to all who contributed to our collection box at Waitrose during July, we raised £298 towards our our plan to label trees of interest and significance in the public parks, so that people may know the names of trees.

We enjoyed our day at Sidbury Fair last Wednesday – promoting our local Tree Trail leaflet with a stall next to organic vegetables and sheep shearing.   Such fun!  


We are looking at how climate change will affect the trees that are being grown and the effects of Ash Dieback which are increasingly visible on young trees in the valley 
We are working with the Town Council on the recent proposal to plant more fruit trees.
Tree Planting with Councillor Kelvin Dent
Tree Planting with Councillor Kelvin Dent


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